The future…

Through mountain biking, young people can have the opportunity to develop the skills, values, and strategies that will guide them throughout their lives and enable them to successfully reach their full potential.



Age: Kids age 6 – 11

For those in search of a really awesome time with other kids and excited to learn some amazing mountain bike skills! One evening per week for eight weeks each summer.

Cost: $180

Program registration fee includes 8 x 1.5 hour, super fun sessions, facilitated by amazing leaders, a fun swag bag, and 2021 Sprockids gear. * Scholarships available.


Registration Opens – March 1, 2021

P. Jonathan Selkowitz

P. Jonathan Selkowitz


New Summer Camps

Age: Kids age 8 – 12

Progressive week-long summer camps that bring skills, stoke and camaraderie on some of the best trails in the west.  Plus, two girls-only camps in 2021.

Cost: $400

Program registration fee includes daily (Monday – Thursday) sessions, facilitated by outstanding PMBIA-certified coaches, a fun swag bag, and more. *Discounts for TVSEF winter 2020/2021 team members and individual scholarships available.


Registration Opens – March 1, 2021

P. Tony Ferlisi

P. Tony Ferlisi


Mountain Bike the Tetons Community Programs & Education Philosophy


MBT Community Programs and Education Philosophy: MBT works to cultivate responsible trail users, trail stewards and vibrant, healthy community members through community programs and education. Through diverse and high quality offerings, including races, outreach events, Sprockids, Mountain Bike Camps and riding clinics, MBT will engage, grow, and shape the community of riders in the Teton region.


Educational Goal: To grow the regional community of active and engaged mountain bikers and to act as a trusted, reliable regional leader in the life-long mountain bike journey.



    • To foster a healthy community of mountain bikers through positive and inclusive culture in all educational programming. 

    • To develop skills that increase participants’ access to the trail systems of the Teton region.

    • To foster a sense of stewardship and personal responsibility to protect and preserve regional trail systems and trails access. 

    • To create respectful and inclusive mountain bikers that work to cultivate positive relationships with all user groups on regional trail systems.

    • To promote mountain biking as a viable recreational activity for youth of all ages while shaping the next generation of riders to be life-long, engaged mountain bikers.



    • Trails stewardship

    • Trails advocacy

    • Respect and inclusion for all trails users

    • Competence and self-awareness on trails

    • Collaboration and problem solving 

    • Rider safety 

    • Kindness, positivity, and fun