Amanda Carey Hired as New MBT Executive Director

December 9, 2014

The Board of Directors of Mountain Bike the Tetons (MBT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Amanda Carey to the position of Executive Director, effective December 2, 2014.

“Each of us at Mountain Bike the Tetons is thrilled to have Amanda join us to lead our operational efforts,” said MBT Board Chair David Treinis. “Our Board and membership have invested well over a year carefully developing strategies to best maintain and further develop our extraordinary trail system. We want to see the Tetons become a world-class destination riding center. An executive leader of Amanda’s caliber provides the ideal springboard for seeing our organization’s ambitious plans move to fruition.”

Carey is best known in the Teton Region as a successful, professional mountain biker. In addition, she brings to the organization a wealth of non-profit experience as well as a deep knowledge of the mountain bike industry. Most recently, Amanda worked with Teton Valley Trails and Pathways as the Festival Manager for the 2014 Wydaho Rendezvous Mountain Bike Festival, where she helped double the festival’s attendance in just one year.

“The International Mountain Bicycling Association is pleased with Amanda’s appointment to run IMBA’s Teton-region Chapter,” stated Regional Director Jason Bertolacci. “As one of only ten IMBA Silver Ride Centers in the world, we see a bright future for riders of all levels in the Tetons. IMBA looks forward to our continued partnership with MBT and to working with Amanda to help support Teton trails for the benefit of all users.”

Carey began her non-profit career as an intern at the Jackson Hole Land Trust in 2002, where she worked her way up to Development Manager. In 2006, she became first Development Director for Friends of Pathways, working with then Executive Director Tim Young to develop the organization’s capacity.

In 2008, she left the non-profit world to become a full-time professional mountain bike and cyclocross racer. From 2008-2013 she traveled North America as an ultra-endurance racer with the Kenda/Felt team, the Stan’s NoTubes Elite team and most recently, with Liv/Giant. She was the National Ultra Endurance Series Overall Champion in 2010 and 2011 and was the runner up in 2012. She has 20 career NUE wins and is also the 2-time winner of the Breck Epic and the TransSylvania Epic stage races and of the Iceman Cometh, the largest single-day mountain bike race in the country.

Snow King’s General Manager and MBT Vice-Chair Ryan Stanley noted that her 14 years of working, living and riding experiences spanning both valleys was a key factor in selecting Carey as MBT Executive Director. “The combination of Amanda’s familiarity with our Teton trails and her passion for improving them speaks directly to the mission of Mountain Bike the Tetons, as well as the desires of its membership.”

Carey received a Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology from Capella University in 2012. She and her husband, Nate, have lived in Victor since 2007.

Executive Director Job Posting

Executive Director Search

March 2014


Mountain Bike the Tetons (MBT) intends to hire an Executive Director (ED) this spring to pursue the mission of the organization: to enhance recreational and economic opportunities for the Teton Area through the development of our mountain biking resources.

 Prior to the formation of MBT, several fragmented groups had spent years working on mountain bike interests in Teton Valley, Idaho. In the winter of 2013, it became apparent that in order to move these individual efforts forward in a meaningful way Teton Valley needed a cohesive voice so the groups joined together to start Mountain Bike Teton Valley (MBTV). MBTV quickly grew to become an International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Chapter with the west side of the Tetons as a service area. During the winter of 2014, MBTV met with IMBA and mountain bike trail stakeholders from the east side of the Tetons. It was unanimously decided by the all stakeholders to expand the MBTV service area to include all of the trail riding areas in the Tetons and to change the name of the of the organization to MBT. In addition to these changes, it was also decided to pursue the creation of an IMBA Teton Area Ride Center. In just one year, mountain bike advocacy in Teton Valley, Idaho grew into an IMBA Chapter that included all of the Tetons! It quickly became apparent to IMBA and the MBT Board that it was time to hire an Executive Director (ED) in order to continue the important work that had been started. For more information about MBT please visit our web site at

 Candidate Requirements:

MBT seeks an ED with true Executive-level abilities and experience, including but not limited to organizational development, leadership skills, good communication (written and verbal), team-building, delegation, reporting, financial management, and development. Compensation will be crafted commensurate with ability, resume, and performance (and may include incentive pay). In addition, the qualified candidate will 1) understand that the position will be funded in conjunction with a business plan and candidate presented to an already-identified donor base and 2) she/he will be expected to grow MBT in such a manner as to help provide continued support for the ED position, as well as for the organization’s ongoing and future operations.

 ED Salary, Hours and 2014 Task List:

The ED position will be part-time at first, with a target start in April and continuing until October of 2014. The MBT Board has dedicated at least 400 hours to the position to help get the ED started. It is anticipated that fundraising and grants will secure future funding for the position thereafter. As funding for the position is secured, the Board will increase the ED’s hours and benefits. It is the goal of the Board to build this position into a full-time job with competitive salary and benefits as quickly as possible. Under the right circumstances and upon candidate’s request, the Board will consider structuring the position so that it incorporates flexible or reduced hours, to reflect an ideal candidate’s desire to spend less than full-time, so long as the organization’s objectives are being met. Compensation will be reviewed each year and potentially increased based upon performance reviews and funding availability.

 The following is a list of proposed 2014 ED tasks (based upon current funding for 400 total hours of work):

  1. Attend all Board meetings and prepare board reports (7 meetings starting in April) (20 hours)

  2. Manage MBT finances and prepare finance reports (20 hours)

  3. Manage MBT marketing, newsletter, communications, etc. (40 hours)

  4. Represent MBT at Tin Cup or Old Bill’s (preparation, mailings, attendance) (20 hours)

  5. Manage the Trail Mapping Project (80 hours)

  6. Manage the Trail signage project at Horseshoe (10 hours)

  7. Run the fall MBT trail maintenance day (20 hours)

  8. Plan and manage MBT member fundraiser events: One in the spring and one in the fall (30 hours)

  9. Participation in WYDAHO meetings and event. (20 hours)

  10. Attend and direct efforts of organization’s committees (at present, Grants and Trails), and facilitate formation of other committees as needed.

  11. Attend other special event attendance (races, Music on Main, etc.) (20 hours)

  12. Assist with Trail project scoping and with associated grant writing (80 hours)

  13. Other (40 hours), ex: Coordinate execution of schedule events with representatives of Teton Freedom Riders,

ED Job Description:

Job Summary: The ED will provide the leadership and management to successfully develop and implement the strategic goals of MBT. The ED will be the visible figurehead and positively represent the organization to the community, stakeholders, agencies, funding entities and at public events. Ideally, the ED would be a mountain biker with enthusiasm for mountain biking in Teton region.

ED Responsibilities:

1. Program Development and Delivery

  1. Ensures that the organization has a long-range strategy which achieves its mission, and ensures that the organization makes consistent and timely progress towards its mission.
  2. Provides leadership in developing program and organizational plans, goals, and benchmarks with the Board of Directors and staff.
  3. Provides leadership in evaluating goals and objectives.
  4. Ensures that the organization meets or exceeds program goals in regard to both quantity and quality.
  5. Coordinates the work of all future departments to ensure appropriate prioritization, efficiency, and effectiveness of work.
  6. Maintains and utilizes a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field of mountain bike trail development and management including how to work with government agencies to develop new trails.
  7. Provides creative solutions to trail development issues raised by government agencies and private landowners.
  8. Works with IMBA HQ and Regional Directors to assure that the Teton Chapter receives highest value from the relationship

2. Administration and Human Resource Management (looking down the road to when we have more than one employee)

  1. Divides and assigns work effectively, delegating appropriate levels of freedom and authority.
  2. Establishes clear patterns of authority, responsibility, supervision and communication with staff, board, and between program areas.
  3. Maintains appropriate balance between administration and programs.
  4. Ensures that job descriptions are reviewed and revised regularly, and that regular performance evaluations are conducted, documented, and shared with staff.
  5. Ensures compliance with personnel policies and state and federal regulations on workplaces and employment.
  6. Ensures that employees are licensed, credentialed, and trained as required.
  7. Recruits and retains a diverse staff.
  8. Ensures that policies and procedures are in place to manage volunteer involvement.
  9. Encourages staff development and education, and assists program staff in relating their specialized work to the total program of the organization.
  10. Maintains a climate which attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse staff of top quality people who work together effectively and efficiently.

3. Community Relations

  1. Effectively uses written, verbal, and public presentation forms of communication to represent the programs and point of view of the organization. Including electronic communications and database management.
  2. Establishes and maintains sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with landowners, stakeholders, community groups, agencies, and other organizations and individuals as appropriate.
  3. Ensures that programs are carried out with transparency and integrity, and in collaboration with appropriate partners and stakeholders.
  4. Represents MBT in organization’s participation on other Committees or charettes where mountain biking interests require representation

4. Financial Management and Legal Compliance

  1. Assures adequate control and accounting of all funds, including developing and maintaining sound financial practices.
  2. Works with the staff, Board of Directors, and Board Finance Committee in preparing, approving, and maintaining an annual budget.
  3. Provides leadership to ensure that the organization operates within budget guidelines.
  4. Oversees maintenance of official records and documents, and ensures compliance with federal, state and local regulations and reporting requirements (such as annual information returns; payroll withholding and reporting, etc.).
  5. Assures that funds are disbursed in accordance with contract requirements and donor designations.

5. Fundraising

  1. Designs and implement a realistic, ambitious fundraising strategy and goals.
  2. Provides leadership to ensure that revenue goals are met or exceeded.
  3. Ensures that adequate funds are available and prioritized in a manner that permits the organization to carry out its strategic plan.
  4. Successfully involves Board, staff, and others in fundraising as appropriate.
  5. Takes a lead role in cultivating and ensuring positive relationships with individual donors, as well as government, foundation and corporate funders.

6. Board of Directors

  1. Communicates regularly and effectively with board officers
  2. Provides appropriate, adequate, and timely information to the board, such that the board is kept informed on the activities and condition of the organization, and important factors influencing it.
  3. Provides support to board committees.
  4. Implements and administers board decisions in a timely and appropriate manner.
  5. Works effectively with the board as a whole.

7. Trail Work

  1. Works closely with Trails Committee to assure that trails efforts match objectives of the organization.
  2. Provides input on mountain bike and multiple use trail design, construction, maintenance, and signage.
  3. Performs and directs trail construction and maintenance work within scope of ability.

ED Job Application Process:

We encourage applicants to summarize their experience for each of the ED Responsibilities (1-7 listed above) in the ED Job Description Section. Summaries should not exceed 3 pages. Submit a Summary along with your Resume via email by April 17that 3:00 PM MDT if you would like to be considered for the position.

To apply, or for questions concerning the position, please contact us by sending a note through our website . We will reply with an email address for you to send your summary and resume.