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Our mission is to build a vibrant, healthy community and recreational and economic opportunities through developing our mountain biking resources.



If you were able to contribute to the Mountain Bike the Tetons, Tin Cup Fund we'd like to thank you for your support!  If you missed the Tin Cup funding window you can click the link below to contribute and support to our biking trails!


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    Amanda Carey

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Summer is heating UP but, it's COOL in the Tetons.

  • Friday Night Bikes

    Friday Night Bikes is back for 2015 and it's bigger than ever with 14 nights of summer biking fun! Friday Night Bikes will take place every Friday night from June 19-September 25.

  • Pierre's Hole 50 / 100, Aug 15

    Don't miss out on this year Pierre's Hole, a real biking achievement of GRAND porportions.  Ride the 50k, 100k or 100M length cross country course around the The IMBA EPIC Grand Loop.

  • Teton Bike Fest Sept 4-7 (Memorial Day Weekend)

    ALL NEW, don't miss the new Grand Targhee Teton Dirt Classic.  A point to point style x-c race and a Super D race, with the combined overall champion.

  • Jay P's Gravel Pursuit, Sept 26

    The Gravel Pursuit provides a fantastic excuse to not only achieve an outstanding accomplishment but venture into Yellowstone National Park during the finest time of the year.

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