Current Trail Conditions

The following trail status provides a reference from our readers of their experiences on the trail. Click any of the trails and you can rate the current conditions in real time.

TitleTrail Current StatusTrail ConditionTrail Category


      Jackson Hole Excellent DryAdventure Rides
           Teton Pass Excellent VariableAll Mountain / Enduro
                Arrow Excellent DryCross Country
                Black Canyon Excellent VariableAll Mountain / Enduro
                Candyland Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Fuzzy Bunny Excellent VariableAll Mountain / Enduro
                Crater Lake Excellent DryCross Country
                Jimmy’s Mom Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Lithium Excellent DustyDownhill
                Old Pass Road Excellent DryCycling Paths
                Parallel Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Pass Ridge Excellent VariableCross Country
                Phillip’s Canyon Fair TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Phillip’s Connector Excellent DryCross Country
                Phillip’s Ridge Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Power Line Jumps Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Snotel Fair VariableCross Country
           Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Excellent DryCycling Paths
                Bandit Excellent TackyDownhill
                Bronco Excellent TackyDownhill
                Buck Knife Excellent TackyDownhill
                Lucky Charm Excellent TackyDownhill
                Quick Draw Excellent TackyDownhill
                Trapper Excellent TackyDownhill
                True Grit Excellent TackyDownhill
           Gros Ventre Range Excellent Tacky
                Ditch Creek Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Horsetail Creek East Fork Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Horsetail Creek Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Shadow Mountain Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
           Cache Creek & Snow King Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Cache Creek Excellent DryCross Country
                Cache Creek Sidewalk Excellent TackyCross Country
                Ferrins Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Ferrins To Snow King Excellent VariableCross Country
                Game Creek Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Game Creek West Fork Excellent TackyAdventure Rides
                Hagen Highway Excellent TackyCross Country
                Hagen Excellent VariableCross Country
                Hagen To Ferrins Excellent VariableCross Country
                Hagen To Sink Or Swim Excellent VariableCross Country
                Josie’s Ridge Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                KC Excellent TackyCross Country
                Leeks Canyon Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Linda’s Excellent TackyCross Country
                Putt Putt Excellent TackyCross Country
                Shade Monkey Excellent TackyCross Country
                Sink Or Swim Excellent Some MudCross Country
                Wilson Canyon Excellent TackyAdventure Rides
           Hoback & Wyoming Range Excellent VariableAdventure Rides
                Big Munger Excellent TackyAdventure Rides
                Cliff Creek Fair DryAdventure Rides
                Cosmic Carol’s Excellent DryCross Country
                Poison Creek Excellent DryCross Country
                Rock Creek Excellent DryCross Country
                Squaw Creek Excellent DryCross Country
                Tusky Ridge Excellent DryCross Country
                Wally World Fair Some MudCross Country
      Teton Valley Excellent DryAdventure Rides
           Bike Parks Excellent DryCycling Paths
                Driggs Bike & Skate Park Excellent TackyCycling Paths
                Victor Bike Park Excellent TackyCycling Paths
           Big Hole Mountains Excellent Tacky
                Big Hole Crest Ride Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Bovine Excellent DryCross Country
                Bumper Excellent TackyCross Country
                Burgh Excellent TackyCross Country
                Channel Lock Excellent TackyCross Country
                Cody’s Loop Excellent TackyCross Country
                Corral Creek Excellent TackyCross Country
                Drake Creek Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Grove Creek Excellent TackyAdventure Rides
                Horseshoe Canyon South Fork Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Mahogany Creek Excellent VariableAdventure Rides
                Probation Excellent TackyCross Country
                Red Creek Excellent VariableAdventure Rides
                Rocky Peak Fair VariableAdventure Rides
                Shark’s Belly Excellent DryCross Country
                Sodbuster Excellent TackyCross Country
                Southbound Excellent DryCross Country
                Spooky Excellent TackyCross Country
                Training Wheels Excellent DryCross Country
           Grand Targhee Resort Excellent DustyAdventure Rides
                Ain’t Life Grand Excellent DryCross Country
                38 Special Excellent DryCross Country
                Peaked Excellent DryCross Country
                Buffalo Soldier Excellent DryCross Country
                Andy’s Excellent TackyCross Country
                Blackfoot Cutoff Excellent TackyCross Country
                Buffalo Drop Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Bullwinkle Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Chutes & Ladders Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Colter’s Escape Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
                Grand Traverse Excellent VariableAll Mountain / Enduro
                Greenhorn Excellent DustyCross Country
                More Cowbell Excellent DryCross Country
                North Woods Excellent TackyCross Country
                Otter Slide Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Perma-Grin Excellent TackyCross Country
                Pika Traverse Fair Some MudCross Country
                Quakie Ridge Excellent TackyCross Country
                Rick’s Basin Excellent TackyCross Country
                Rock Garden Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Shoshone Excellent DryCross Country
                Sidewinder Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Snowdrift Excellent DryCross Country
                Sticks & Stones Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Jolly Green Giant Excellent DustyCross Country
                Action Jackson Excellent TackyCross Country
                Rocky Mountain Way Excellent DryAdventure Rides
           Snake River Range Excellent Tacky
                Mail Cabin Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Mail Cabin To Mikesell Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Mikesell Canyon Excellent Some MudAdventure Rides
                Moosecross Excellent DryCross Country
                Pole Canyon Excellent Some MudAll Mountain / Enduro
                Pole Canyon to Mikesell Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Rush Hour Excellent TackyCross Country
           Teton Range Excellent DryAdventure Rides
                Mill Creek Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
                Aspen Excellent TackyCross Country
                Cold Springs Excellent DryCross Country
                Dead Cow Excellent VariableCross Country
                Sheep Bridge Excellent DryCross Country

Suggested Rides

      Arrow To Phillip’s Ridge Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
      Lower Horseshoe Canyon Loops Excellent DryCross Country
      Cache Creek To Game Creek Ride Excellent TackyCross Country
      Mail Cabin to Mikesell Ride Excellent DryAdventure Rides
      Phillip’s Canyon Loop Ride Excellent DryAll Mountain / Enduro
      Red Creek Loop Excellent TackyCross Country
      Grand Targhee Loop Excellent TackyAdventure Rides
      Shadow Mountain Loop Excellent TackyAll Mountain / Enduro
      Southfork Horseshoe Canyon to Mahogany Creek Ride Excellent DryAdventure Rides